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Letter to bmi

Another airline carrier is entering Ukrainian market, and, alas, needs to be corrected too.

New MBI Corporate Sales enquiries:

Reservations and general enquiries
Telephone    0870 6070 555
+44 (0)1332 64 8181 (callers outside UK)
Fax    01709 314993

Customer Relations

Dear Madam / Sir,

Let me bring your attention to the fact that your company’s website misspells the name of the capital of Ukraine:

The capital of Ukraine in English is Kyiv not Kiev. Kiev was only used during the Soviet times.

This has been already reviewed by the Ukrainian and Western governments, recognised by the UN, the US, Ukrainian, British, Australian and other English speaking countries and authorities.

You can find more background information and evidences on or

A corresponding petition was signed by some 1000+ people:

Some two months ago, WizzAir has listen to those signed above and corrected the spelling on their English website:

Would you please make sure that the misspellings on your website are corrected?

Thank you very much indeed for you support and cooperation.

With best regards,
Name Surname

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4 Responses

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  1. Another letter was send to Delta. Reply was send almost immediately :

    Thank you for your message via We are grateful for your taking the time to share your concerns with us.

    Thank you for pointing out the mistake on Try as we might sometimes things slip through on us. We always appreciate our customers letting us know about things like this and we have forwarded this on to our team to correct.

    We genuinely appreciate your support and trust.

    Kane Parker
    Online Customer Support Desk

  2. Marko said

    Thank you very much indeed Flyman,

    Now, we are also after Turkish Airlines. Although they write Lviv, they still misspell Kyiv:

    Here goes their contact front page:

  3. Flyman said

    And thanks yo you for this project Marko,
    I have also send letter to Turkish Airlines and now I will try to contact with “Hyatt Regency Kiev”:

    Kyiv is misspelled everywhere.

  4. Marko said

    True, lots of misspelling, most of them for historical reasons, but we are fixing them gradually.